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Tuition payments are due on the first and no later than the 10th of each month. Payments not received within 10 days must be accompanied with a late fee charge of $15.00 without exceptions.

Students whose payments are in the arrears could be disqualified from the participating in school activities which includes but is not limited to the following:

Exams and Instructions.

All outstanding amounts must be finalized by May 31st of the current school year for all students, especially graduating students. Cash, credit/debit cards, money orders or certified checks are preferred by Great Oaks Elementary School. All personal checks that are dishonored must be replaced with cash plus $35 for bank charges.

GOES fees, fund raising activities facilitates; remuneration of staff and pedagogues, utilities, rent, supplies and day to day operations. Non payment of tuition hinders all aspects of the school’s financial accounting.

Negotiated payment(s) after the due date only functions to assure your child’s uninterrupted academic instructions/attendance.
*All late fees must be paid regardless of negotiation.

Additional Charges: Kindergarten & Eight Grade

  1. Graduation Fees
  2. Eight Grade Class Trip
  3. Class and individual pictures.

“Additional Charges” does not imply unforeseen miscellaneous expenses incurred during the academic school year.

The administration reserves the right to restrict the Plan B payment from parents whose payment records reflect a history of lateness.