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Students must wear the school uniform at all times. Students must wear their gym uniform on gym days. Students who do not comply will not be allowed to participate.

Girls: Plaid jumper, Peter Pan blouse, Cardinal color sweater, a tie, cardinal color tights/socks, black shoes (Penny Loafers).

Boys: Navy Trousers, White shirt, Cardinal color sweater, tie, belt, black/navy socks and black shoes (Penny Loafers).

Grades 6 – 8 boys and girls are required to wear blazers. Grades 6-8 girls are required to wear shirts.

Gym Uniform: Gray sweat-suit with school logo and sneakers.

Girls are encouraged to be conservative in the wearing of accessories. No colored nail polish, long earrings, big chains and outlandish hair styles should be work with the school uniform.

Boys are not allowed to wear earrings to school. No baggy pants are to be worn. Pants are to fit on the waist. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times, shoes clean. No outlandish haircuts, no fades, no Afros. Boys are to cut their hair as often as needed. (special consideration of hair style will be allowed only for religious purposes.

Boots and sneakers are not to be worn with the uniform. During the winter months, when pupils are most likely to wear boots or heavy rubbers, parents must ensure that their children take along their school shoes to change. There should be no removal of any part of the uniform nor any additions to the uniform (Dew Rags etc) no disruptive behavior, no loud talking, no fighting while in route to and from school.