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Why Great Oaks?


Admissions Procedures

Each new family will hold an interview with the Principal. We request the presence of both parents, if possible.  Our goal during this meeting is to determine if Great Oaks Elementary school is the best placement for your student.  Once accepted, we want GREAT OAKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL to be your child’s school until their full course is complete.

Admissions’ testing is required before acceptance.

Grade placement of new students rests with the administration.  Admissions decisions will be based on the applicant’s meeting admission standards.  Acceptance of applicants will be communicated by written notice to the parents as soon as grade placement and admission is determined.

Admissions Testing

If you would like to enroll your child, please call the school office to schedule an entrance exam. The exam will determine your child’s current grade level in reading and math. Students entering grades 2-7 will produce a short essay to demonstrate their writing ability.  Students applying for kindergarten will be participate in a developmental readiness assessment.

Purpose of the admissions testing program:

To inform the teacher of the child’s educational requirements.

To assure placement in the grade for which the student is qualified.

To enable the school to maintain high standards.

To avoid the enrollment of students having special needs which the school is unable to adequately address.

Acceptance of applicant will be by written notice to the parents as soon as an Administrator has reviewed the application.


Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before December 31st.

First graders should have completed an approved kindergarten program and must be six years old on or before December 31st.

Parents should present the child’s birth certificate on testing day. (Certificate and immunization records must be presented before the student can be admitted to class.)

The most recent report card showing grade placement, grades, and conduct is required before acceptance.

Applications cannot be processed until the school receives the completed enrollment application form, together with the full registration fee.

Please complete the contact form if you have any questions.